I am in my late 30’s, and started running at age 33. Before that, I was a very casual cyclist, mostly pedaling along on local rail trails. Before that, I was 75 pounds overweight and a couch potato.

I have called myself a “perpetual newbie”: with three half-marathons under my belt, I still feel like I am in the learning stages of this sport.

In 2012 and early 2013, health issues derailed my aggressive training plan, and I am starting from scratch. I set aside my goal to set a new PR in the half-marathon and set new goals:

  • to develop a more holistic and balanced approach to fitness, including developing strength and flexibility;
  • to pay more attention to nutrition;
  • to be healthy and fit overall, and to have fun doing it.

The Blog

My goal is to use this blog as a tool to help keep me focused on the positives of the sports I have come to love in the past few years: running, cycling, yoga. I love sharing my sports — I run with a great club, and I ride with two different excellent clubs, and I attend yoga classes with some neat folks at a lovely studio — and I enjoy sharing what I’m learning from it here. I also enjoy the fitness community that has developed in the blogosphere, and have learned a lot from others’ journeys.


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