The Whole Deal

There’s a new image you’ll be seeing in my sidebar, and it’s this one:


We all know that nutrition is an important part of any training plan, but it’s often easier to know that on an intellectual level than it is to implement a good, solid nutrition plan. I seem to do great one week, then catch myself mindlessly eating junk the following week. I recently started reading It Starts With Food, which is a really interesting look at how our bodies respond to the food we’re eating. I have a feeling I’m going to be re-reading it a few times before I really grasp the science behind our hormonal responses to food. (Don’t take that to mean that it’s written in a hard-to-understand way; I just feel like I’m not absorbing it well. Biology was not my strongest subject, and I suddenly feel like I’m playing catch-up on every day that I day-dreamed in the ninth grade.)

I recently had a long conversation with an important person in my life, and we discussed some of our similar struggles with food, some of our shared health issues, and current frustration with the cycle of diet-and-cheat that we both seem to fall into all too easily, even while knowing that it’s an unhealthy way to view food. So we’ve agreed to be each other’s support system and start the Whole30 challenge. We’re starting immediately, making as much of a change as we can with what we have on hand (which is actually pretty good — we have a few solid meal options based on what we already have on hand) and then we’re going to come up with some specific meal ideas, and go grocery shopping and do some meal prep together on Sunday, so that we each go into the week with meals made in advance and things we can have on hand for those busy weekdays when we don’t have time to cook and might find it easier to slip or cheat.

I’m not planning on becoming one of those people who posts pictures of every meals, or menus of each day. But a training plan is so much more than just miles run — it needs to incorporate rest days, cross-training, recovery AND nutrition, so I’m sure this will be finding its way into future posts as well.


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